Behind The Lens

Isabelle La Motte is a photographer, filmmaker, environmentalist, and explorer. She was first introduced to the art of photography at the age of twelve after inheriting her grandfather's collection of 35mm cameras. Little did she know, this gift would become the tool with which she experiences the world. Five years later she expanded her interests to include filmmaking and ever since has been combining her appreciation for stills with the added dynamic value that video production awards. 


Through her photography she aims to showcase Earth's beauty. Her favorite subjects to shoot include images of individuals - be that humans, plants, or wildlife - in their surrounding environments.   

The intent of her video work is to educate her viewers on various topics - from Switchback Brewing's production process to the current state of western water issues. In her most recent pieces she has used her films as calls to action to create movement in an often static world.

Through the mediums of still photography and video she hopes to highlight the beauty of our natural world. Her goal is to encourage those who have not yet begun to fight for nature's preservation to do so. She hopes that those who have already begun this journey are further energized by her images. 


Current Project:

A National Geographic funded video, photography, and writing project titled Glen Canyon Rediscovered. During the fall of 2017 Isabelle was part of a team of four young filmmakers who embarked on an expedition to investigate the future feasibility and current state of America’s second largest reservoir, Lake Powell. The team successfully completed a 350-mile, self-powered through-kayak of the lake’s shoreline. 

The three-months-long expedition included interactions with Native American, environmental, and government stakeholders, that will result in a timely and provocative film about the Glen Canyon issue and the team’s expedition.

The film will be released in the summer of 2018.


Project Sponsors

National Geographic, Black Diamond, DPS, Dagger Kayaks, Sea to Summit, Skida, Watershed Drybags, Sawyer Products, Darn Tough, Glen Canyon Institute, BlueWater Ropes, Topricin, Huppybar, Ski The East, SAP! Maple, Powe. Snowbaords, Vermont Peanut Butter